Monday, April 20, 2009

Content Accelerator Framework V1 free utility set for OBIEE

This works only with OBIEE patch release which has not been released yet.

This tool is designed to help OBIEE developers to develop templates from any source to any target environment. Major use of this tool is that you can simply duplicate any reports or logical part in your repository RPD file from one environment to another. The only required thing here is that the target environment should have basic logical model within RPD.

So if you like to clone a dashboard or report and all underlying objects to and want this to be very quickly you can use CAF V1. You can propagate all layers from dashboard level to RPD logical level just in few clicks.

CAF V1 coverage:

If you for example rename some objects in RPD your reports are broken because of new aliases in RPD and normally you would synchronize catalog manually, but this tool will synchronize all automatically.

CAF V1 cloner will clone all logical calculations and all Answers calculations.
CAF V1 cloner will not clone RPD objects that directly map to physical column or physical formula calculation.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition on OTN:

Download CAF utility:

CAF documentation:


Anonymous said...

CAF utility only requires OBI EE to run.
There is a typo in the doc/ppt that says it requires The typo will be corrected soon.

gerardnico said...

Hy Goran,

Just to add that you have also a good Oracle By Example :

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