Monday, October 12, 2009

Using more then one GO URL request navigation with HTML drop down list

There was a question on OTN forum and it's very good base for me to write this post on how to place multiple GO URL navigation to a different subject areas in one column using drop down list.

In one of my previous posts I describe how to use/make GO URL request navigation between different subject areas.

I this example we'll use GO URLs from previous post and put them in only one column and give the user ability which one GO URL navigation from the drop drown list to choose.

As a reference for writing this post I use this link and thanks to that site for placing the code in. The code is combination of javascript and html select and option tag which makes drop down list and put links inside them. So when the user chooses value from the drop down list he navigates on the target report.

This first thing is to make Answers report, I used my Normal model subject area:

Write expression with HTML select and option tag to make drop down list and inside put your GO URLs:

We call javascript function inside column expression in Answers in the select tag and onChange so now we need to declare it somewhere.

This can be done in the dashboard text object in the text properties:

Now place report along with the text object inside the dashboard:


Initial start:

The first report navigation from the drop down list:


The second report navigation from the drop down list:


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